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Dr. James Barr
Reproducing a sports activity in an environment that puts a larger strain on the key muscles groups generates the best results. This is exactly what the MaxXcel FP360 provides, by creating continuous resistance during the entire cycle of muscle contraction, while you’re practicing your sport. The FP360 is an excellent way to condition the forearm as part of any training program and will help increase performance and reduce the risk of overuse injuries.
-Dr. James Barr
Medical Doctor and Sports Physician
Tony Tierno
The foundation of a forearm injury recovery plan is focused on strengthening the muscles in 3 different planes of motion – supinated, pronated and natural – while mimicking the sport. The MaxXcel FP360 helps us train the stabilization muscles and acceleration muscles through a controlled range of motion, decreasing rehab time and getting athletes back on the field.
-Tony Tierno
Director of Human Performance and Fitness
Karen Manfre
In recovery, we focus on putting the muscle groups into “unstable” situations, which forces them to control movement and heal quicker. Forearm recovery and regaining grip strength is no different, and the MaxXcel FP360 helps our athletes shorten their rehab by adding sports specific resistance while recreating the movements of their swing.
-Karen Manfre
Head Athletic Trainer
Brian Reese
Some of the biggest advantages you can have on the lacrosse field are strong hands, wrists and forearms. Having those things really help players in areas like stick control, shot speed and accuracy as well as being able to execute quick, hard checks on the defensive end. This device will help players develop these areas that sometimes go neglected in a typical workout or practice. The MaxXcel FP360 can be a great product for training your athletes and accomplishing these objectives.
-Brian Reese
Head Coach, Denver Outlaws (MLL)
Mike Vergalito
My coaches always preached, ‘you have to work out to become better, and you have to practice your skills to become better.’ The MaxXcel FP360 product allows you to do both at the same time. We use the FP360 with all of our players, so they’re squeezing their stick and working out their forearms during footwork or positioning drills, as well as shooting and passing.
-Mike Vergalito
4-time State Champion High School Lacrosse Head Coach
Chris Wakely
Especially when shooting on run from around 15 yards out or in the crease, you have to generate speed and be accurate. Since you can’t use your legs as much, you have to get a lot of power out of your arms. The forearms generate most of the velocity when you’re shooting in tight, and practicing with the MaxXcel FP360 helps our players snap their wrists faster so they get more speed and whip from their stick.
-Chris Wakely
Division 1 College Lacrosse Head Coach and former Division 1 Player
Bill Brandt
For years, the only products I could find to help improve my grip strength were traditional wrist rollers or hand exercisers. I wanted a sport specific product to use during lacrosse drills, so I could get more out of every practice without spending extra time in the gym. Now, using the FP360, I can build all the key muscles in my forearm exactly as they're used in a game. I’ve added more velocity to my shots, more accuracy to my passing and my arms don’t get tired late in the 4th quarter.
-Bill Brandt
Youth Lacrosse Head Coach and Adult League Player
Jeff Siipola
There are some great sports specific training aids on the market, but they tend to be expensive and difficult to use during practice, full speed drills or in scrimmages. I train my players with the MaxXcel FP360 because it’s easy to use, inexpensive, works for all ages and skill levels, and really delivers a great workout for the forearm muscles that control the stick.
-Jeff Siipola
Youth Lacrosse Head Coach
Kristen Wilson
As a high school softball coach, I’m always looking for things to add to practice to make the drills that we currently do more interesting. Adding the FP360 enhances our batting drills and helps our players achieve better results on the field.
-Kristen Wilson
High School Softball Varsity Head Coach
Robert Stalter
In any ball and stick sport, forearm muscles have to provide velocity, alignment and control. If you condition the forearm muscles and force them to work harder during the entire cycle of contraction, you make them faster and stronger – your mechanics work more fluidly, you minimize injury, and maximize explosion from the elbow and wrist. This is exactly what the FP360 provides.
-Robert Stalter
Youth Baseball Head Coach
Chris Gacos
As a sporting goods retailer for over 30 years, I’m always on the lookout for innovative companies and products. The MaxXcel FP360 is something I believe can really revolutionize how athletes practice and train. Many of our customers come in looking for something to give them an advantage over their opponent, and I’ll be suggesting the FP360 to every one of them.
-Chris Gacos
Owner, Sneakers Plus
Max Seibald
Having strong forearms and a solid grip adds so much to controlling the stick handle – better accuracy, more shot speed, stronger on face-offs and ground balls. Using the MaxXcel FP360 has definitely strengthened my grip, improved my shooting and passing, and helped me develop endurance in my muscles to last the whole game.
-Max Seibald
US Lacrosse Team and Denver Outlaws Midfielder
Scott Umberger
Athleticism (speed, strength, power, etc) starts at the feet and is expressed in many cases through the hands (throwing, shooting, hitting, blocking etc). As a physical preparation coach I have found grip to be a glaring weakness in athletes. in all sports and at all levels. I have several fat bars and fat grip pull up bars in my training facility in order to train “grip” while training other parts of the body. I love having my athletes perform fat bar presses, movements and fat bar dead lifts in order to stress grip strength. For the cost and ease of use FP360, utilizing it is a no brainer in my opinion. I’m already thinking of other ways to apply it at Umberger Performance in order to make basic movements that much harder and that much more beneficial for sports specific strength development!
-Scott Umberger
Co-Owner Umberger Performance
Alexander Toth II
In less than 4 weeks of using the FP360, I am certain that my club head speed has increased. One of my favorite things about it is how it actually loosens up my hands and wrists. I use the FP360 while hitting balls at the range as well as holding it in front and pronating. Now that is a workout! You can see and feel the forearms working.
-Alexander Toth II
Professional Golfer
Bill Ranson
I have seen an improvement in my forearm and hand strength since I started using the FP360. I am definitely feeling more control of the club through impact.
-Bill Ranson
Professional Golfer

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Bill Ranson I have seen an improvement in my forearm and hand strength since I started using the FP360. I am definitely feeling ...
- Bill Ranson
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