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Area Pair Invent Grip Strengthener - Trenton Times
February 25, 2010


Two former Hunterdon Central Regional High School lacrosse standouts have come up with an invention that is being used by their alma mater's state championship girls golf team.


Jeff Siipola (HCRHS "90) and Bill Brandt (HCRHS "89) are the creators of MaxXcel (Maximum Acceleeration to Sports Excellence) grip, a product which strengthens hand muscles, wrists and forearms. "It's basically a training tool for practice," said Siipola, who also played lacrosse for Widener University. He lives in Sparta and works for the Somerset County Educational Services Commission as its business administrator.


MaxXcel, also known as "FP 360," has a U.S. Utility patent. It attaches to a golf club shaft without adding any weight to the club because it is a compressed, closed-cell sponge cord which players squeeze and release to get the muscles working. Strengthening hands, wrists and forearms are what appeals to the Hunterdon Central girls golf squad, which crosstrains regularly as individuals in the offseason.


"The FP 360 can be used for multiple sports," Siipola said, pointing out that the device can be attached to baseball bats, lacrosse and hockey sticks, and tennis racquets in addition to golf clubs. It comes in different sizes depending on the sport.


"The one thing no one argues about is that the forearm and hand muscles combined with the fingers are among the most important factors in any stick sport," said Brandt, who lives in Flemington, played lacrosse at Rutgers and served in the U.S. Marine Corps.


Information on this device is available at A retail purchase can be made at Sneakers Plus in Flemington.


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Area Pair Invent Grip Strengthener - Trenton Times


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