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Build core muscles in the hand, wrist and forearm.
Strengthen your grip to gain better control and more power.
Increase your shot velocity, accuracy and quickness.
Improve passing, cradling and stick protection.
Win more face-offs and ground balls.
Experienced coaches and players alike know a great deal of the game - on offense, defense, and in the net - relies on effective stick skills. In lacrosse, your stick basically becomes an extension of your forearms and your hands. And training those muscle groups to strengthen your grip and control the movements of your stick delivers better control and more power.

Better grip strength doesn't just happen from simply playing the game or lifting weights - you have to focus on the specific muscle groups, and exercise them in direct correlation to how they're used in the game. And the best way to strengthen those muscle groups is with continuous resistance throughout the entire cycle of muscle contraction.

Adding the FP360 to your shaft offers that continuous resistance, forcing you to work harder to maintain your grip, building core muscles in the hand, wrist and forearm while running drills, playing wall ball, or taking shots at the cage.

It's lightweight, so it won't make your stick heavier, easy to take on and off the shaft, and will significantly accelerate your forearm and grip strength development. The FP360 offers lacrosse players at any level, the opportunity strengthen their grip and improve critical aspects of their game.

Your shooting velocity, accuracy and quickness will improve.
Your stick checking and defense will improve.
Your passing skills will improve.
Your stick protection will improve.
You'll win more face-offs and ground balls.
And all of that means you'll be the one on the field when it's crunch time. And isn't that why we play the game?

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