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Exercise golf-specific forearm and hand muscles at the range or on the course.
Gain better control through the entire swing arc.
Increase distance off the tee and accuracy near the green.
Eliminate slices and pulls due to coming over the top, early wrist release or over-swinging.
Improve velocity and control over the club head.
In theory, golf is a simple game.
Hit a ball into a hole.
Theres nobody chasing after you.
You stand still when you hit the ball.
You even get to pick a different club to use for every shot.

In reality, its one of the most challenging games ever created. And to become a truly great player, you have to master the most basic fundamental aspect of the game properly swinging the club.

A great golf swing has many components that take years to master. And there are dozens of training aids out there, designed to help improve your mechanics. But without properly developed muscles to control the club, no matter how good your mechanics are you will still struggle for distance off the tee and accuracy near the green.

Much of the control in a golf swing comes from proper alignment of the hands and wrists. Its an area of focus for many instructors, as poor hand and wrist control is the cause of many common problems in the swing. For example, on the backswing, many golfers cup their wrists, over-swinging the clubface to an open position, which usually results in slices and pulls. On the downswing, rolling the wrists on impact causes a significant loss of velocity and control over the club head, which puts the ball nowhere near your intended target.

And if you want to improve your distance, its vital to have arm strength to support the fast moving club head and control the acceleration into the ball, through the pivot and follow through. Coming over the top and early wrist release are swing issues that can be managed with better-conditioned muscles to control the club.

With strong forearm muscles, you can stabilize the club during the downswing and prevent the wrists from bending at critical points of the swing, which allows the back & chest muscles to easily engage and all the power generated from your shoulder and torso rotation to go directly into the swing. The result? A more efficient swing, with less effort, less risk of injury and plenty of distance.

The MaxXcel FP360 was created to exercise the golf-specific muscles in the forearm and hand while youre at the range or on the course. The simple design creates a resistance-based forearm exercise throughout the swing, to give your muscles a sport-specific workout while maintaining proper form. The FP360 is small and lightweight, so its easy to carry in your bag, and attaches to any club, so you can hit your driver, woods, irons or wedges, and get the same golf-specific workout.

With stronger forearm muscles, youll have more control over the club through the entire arc of the swing and deliver the club head squarely upon impact, providing any level of player with increased distance, better accuracy and more confidence in their game.

How simple is that?
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