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Increase forearm, wrist and grip strength for better stick control and more power.
Improve shot velocity & accuracy, and gain a quicker release around the net.
Maintain precise stick control for better stickhandling and more accurate passes.
Improve forearm strength to win battles in the corners for loose pucks.
Gain speed, agility and strength to win more face-offs.
Hockey is built on a foundation of agility, speed and power. There is no other sport that requires so much of its athletes skating, stickhandling, passing, shooting, checking, defense, strategy, positioning to be executed with exact precision at an incredibly high rate of speed. For elite players, decision-making is instantaneous and actions rely upon instinct.

Controlling a hockey stick requires a unique skill set, as players need to be strong and powerful, yet flexible, agile and precise with their movement. Shooting a puck requires strength and control. Stickhandling through tight spaces requires soft hands as well as quick, deceptive moves. The players with the rare combination of both are the most dangerous and most sought after.

What does it take to maintain that level of control over you stick?
A strong grip, built squarely around forearm, wrist and hand strength, provides a crucial advantage that can impact many key aspects of the game.

Hockey players seeking a competitive edge in all aspects of their game will benefit from using the MaxXcel FP360. It attaches to the shaft of any stick, and used in drills during practice - even non-puck drills - the FP360 will workout the hand and forearm muscles specifically used to grip and control the stick.

While fans loves to see a booming slap shot, players know the quick-release of a snap shot, wrist shot and backhander offer better chances to score. Strong forearms provide the necessary velocity along with the ability to control the stick and, most importantly, the location of the shot. Top shelf? No problem.

Great hands. Players dream of hearing a coach say that about their stick skills. It means they have mastered the ability to control the puck, keep it away from defenders in tight spaces, make tape-to-tape passes and fool the opposing goalie. Great hands start with great wrists. And great wrists are controlled by the muscles in the forearm.

Accuracy, control and timing of the perfect pass comes from years of practice, knowledge of the game and the skill to snap the puck to a teammate and have it land flat, on the blade of the stick. Without proper forearm and grip strength, the puck never gets through, the shot never happens and scoring the winning goal is only a dream.

Get your stick in the passing lane. Tie up your opponents stick. Battle hard in the corner for loose pucks. Coaches constantly bark these commands at their defensemen, knowing full well one open pass or loss of possession and its in the back of their net. Defensemen need physical strength and power - and that doesnt end at the elbow. A strong stick, and the power to win battles down low and clear the puck are not nice-to-haves for defensemen. They are necessities. Your necessity is to have the forearm and grip strength to be your coaches shut-down d-man.

Face-offs control the game of hockey. Winning a late 3rd period face-off means possession, and you cant score if you dont have the puck. Face-offs are won on strategy, timing and execution. Sometimes you choose to out smart your opponent, sometimes you choose to over-power them. You need speed, agility and strength, and the leverage to control the stick blade in a very tight space. Strong forearms and a solid grip could be the deciding factor in winning or losing a key draw. Do you want to take that chance?

Now players at any level from Mites to Midgets, Juniors to Pros - can have more control of their passing, more power in their shot, more strength to win loose pucks and a quicker release around the net. And all it takes is one shot, one pass, or one stop to change a game. Be ready. Be strong. Be the difference maker.

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