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Uses resistance training for forearm, wrist and hand muscles while swinging the bat.
Increase swing speed through the strike zone and apply the maximum amount of force.
Improve bat alignment and control for a more efficient and powerful swing.
Gain confidence and make better decisions on every pitch.
Perfect for all ability levels, from little leaguers to college All-Americans.
The harder you grip the bat, the more you can swing it through the ball, and the farther the ball will go.
- Babe Ruth

Effectively swinging a baseball or softball bat is one of the most difficult skills to master. The mechanics of swinging a bat force players to essentially control a long lever at the point where they have the least advantage.

There are hundreds of training experts who will debate the topic of what makes a good hitter. But two things they all agree on are, bat speed and bat control are crucial to executing an efficient and powerful swing. Without these two components, even the strongest of players cant catch up and make contact with the ball.

  • Bat speed through the strike zone gives hitters the ability to make contact in a split second and apply the maximum amount of force. In fact, a baseball or softball will travel 5 feet further for every 1 mph increase in bat speed.
  • Bat control allows hitters to adjust to any pitch and put the ball in play exactly where they want it to go.
  • Improved bat speed and control give a hitter confidence, knowing they have more time to decide whether or not to swing, and as a result, making better decisions on every pitch.

Forearm, wrist and grip strength are key elements for developing bat speed and control. While gym workouts are great for improving muscle strength, what delivers real results in the batters box is resistance training for the specific muscles used during the swing.

What makes the FP360 unique is its ability to enhance a players grip strength while the bat is in use. The muscles that control grip are forced to work harder throughout the entire swing, providing the ultimate sport specific workout for the forearm and grip.

With the MaxXcel FP360, every hitter, from little leaguers to college All-Americans, can now bring their workout to batting practice, improve their bat speed, alignment and control, and accelerate their game to the next level.
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