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About the FP360

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Where body meets machine.
The bond between athlete and equipment.
Your grip provides the connective tissue between you and your gear.

But what does a strong grip mean to a scratch golfer, a tennis pro, a home-run hitting catcher or an elite lacrosse player?
It means power.
It means control.
It means accuracy.
And it could mean the difference between winning and losing.

If you could strengthen your grip while you practice - going through the same motions, swings and throws – do you think your drives would go further? Your serves would be more accurate? Your bat speed would be faster? Your shots would be harder?
The answer is yes.
And the solution is the MaxXcel FP360.


The FP360 was designed to provide sport specific training for one of the most under developed parts of the body. By isolating the muscles in the hand, wrist and forearm during regular sports activity, you can effectively increase strength and minimize the risk of injury, without changing your practice regimen.

The FP360 was specifically developed to increase performance, prevent injuries and accelerate recovery by:
  • Strengthening specific hand, wrist and forearm muscle groups
  • Improving overall grip strength
  • Decreasing hand & wrist fatigue
  • Improving fitness and athletic performance
The FP360 is a lightweight, inexpensive and easy to carry training aid for anyone looking for a competitive advantage in Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Hockey and many other sports.

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